african woman

Tonight again I find myself walking to your house. The moon hanging in the sky lights the way as I run through the bushes along the back paths, my feet heavy, beneath ground dampened by the night rain.  I wrap my cloth tighter around my head as I watch as the sun creep up out the morning’s mist, and knock on your door.

Your mouth drops open as you rub your eyes. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

I smile. “When did I need an invitation to visit?”

You blink. Twice. Like you are seeing a spirit. “Yesterday ……..”

“Yesterday when you saw me in the market I was tired from sleepless nights from feeding our son.”

You smile but your eyes are hard like black stones, just like your heart. “He is our son now eh?  This morning he was the Kings son.”

I smile. “I have thought about it. I am not an unreasonable person.  The King is old and as you said why choose an old bent tree to lean on when a new one full of sap and energy is much better.”  I smile back. “I have made my choice.

I watch the muscles standing like rocks tighten in your neck as you face me, smiling sheepishly.

“I really wasn’t going to tell the King about ……..”

I push my body close to you, feel you tremble. “I know you will never tell the King.”