Love Me Unconditionally

My new book Love me Unconditionally comes out on Valentines Day next week!

Please see excerpt below –



As she heard Funmi walking down the stairs she mulled over her words.


To be alive and not able to have children – that would be like a walking dead person.


Yeah she would be lying if she couldn’t admit to herself that it hurt sometimes when she remembered the doctors words – shattering the dream she had since she was a little girl;  that to be mother one day – was medically impossible? She wondered what it would be to go through life watching others talking about PTA meetings, dance classes and football matches, birthday parties and baby showers. To be the person always on the outside looking in and wishing? What would it be like to tell the man you love that you can never fulfil his wish to be a father because your womb was all messed up? Not due to anything else but Mother Nature?


Although she had those occasional thoughts she still didn’t believe that motherhood and marriage was all women should aspire to. Should the fact that both had eluded her so far mean that her life and her achievements counted for nothing? That was the kind of thinking that had kept her in a relationship that was headed nowhere. Totally messed up thinking.


OK so Kunle and his wife would have had their baby by now. Ah well…


It wasn’t about the knocks you got in life. It was how fast you could bounce back after. Wasn’t that the saying?


That was her alright. The bounce back kid.


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