New Family

Reports read: ‘Hyperactive… disruptive influence’
Describing the boy no one understands.
Mother gives her love but works three jobs
Too tired for all that trouble with teacher
Can’t cope when he gives her lip –
Allow it Mum. Lol. Laters

He longs to talk with Dad
but the man got other family now, innit?
In Canada. Another man with Mum
taking Dad’s place, and the boy
hate him with so much passion

Now he thinks the mall better than school
He can hang out with his peeps
and hit anyone who don’t show nuff respect
He have new friends
who don’t come to the house
Not like dem old ones of Sunday school
and that Boys Scout nonsense

Yeah, he got a new crew
They hang at the bottom of the street
smoking, with collars up
and trousers half-way down
They say they got no future
Babylon system got no time for them

Now the boy need no Dad nor Mum
His new family got his back
They look out for him
might even do time for him
New family with new rules, new allegiances
oaths of silence thicker than blood

Hunger to belong has pushed him
into the noisy war of the ‘hood
Hi Bro… Who you looking at?
He wears his tribe with pride
Colours mark out his patch,
his little kingdom

Now he hang with folk who feel him
Brothers who got his back
will look out for him, go down for him
He got his peeps, got new family now
nothing else, nothing left to gain