Love. Unconditionally

Excerpt from my new book out on Amazon


I love you, he had said. I’m crazy about you. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else before.

Her jaw tightened. Yeah, yeah. That was before she had started behaving like a wife – before he had put a ring on it. Before having a child became the carrot dangling on the string. When all she needed was to hear him tell her that he loved her. Unconditionally. Whether she could have children or not. That he loved her first thing in the morning with all her hair standing on end. That he loved her hair natural even with the bits of grey in it. That whether she was a size 8 or 18, or could cook jollof rice like his mother, he was totally, irretrievably in love with her.

She had obviously been asking for too much. Did such a guy exist anywhere else but in her fantasises?

Deola Banjoko  `Love Me Unconditionally’

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