Love's persuasion
 This is my favourite so far! I still have three more to go. I loved Tony, I loved Ada…the story was awesome. I loved the principles (not to say I didn’t enjoy the steamy scenes in the other books). I loved how intelligent and go-getting Ada was. The drama at the end was crazy, such a real life scenario that can happen to absolutely anyone. Where…do you start from?  The ending was perfect, bittersweet but perfect. Ola you outdid yourself honestly, this one deserves 6 stars!


If only the character Tony Okoli wasn’t fiction. He was a great guy, a leader, loyal, a D.I.Y man (domesticated), disciplined and a true lover who shows that love is patient and kind. As he was so down to earth and ready to date/marry a woman beneath his social class I would have loved to hear more of his views as he compared his elite life in the private hospital where most citizens didn’t have that privilege. Excellent writing, some brushing up with editing.

Here is why I like Ada Okafor :

Amanda, UK

Great storytelling! I picked up a copy of Love’s Persuasion and immediately devoured it, literally staying up till the small hours of the morning until I finished it. I enjoyed the chemistry between Ada and Tony, and the way their obstacles were handled. Looking forward to reading more by this Ola Awonubi.

Toyin, UK

Yup, I’m in love…
 Love’s Persuasion was a fast-paced novel that let me travel through Lagos without even leaving my couch (here in Los Angeles). I finished it in a few days because I go so caught up in Ada and Tony’s story. They were wonderful characters who, of course, couldn’t quite get each other out of their systems. I enjoyed getting wrapped up in Ada’s backstoryShe was ambitious, independent, and headstrong–basically everything Tony wanted, but couldn’t quite have. Or could he?

I definitely recommending reading this book and look forward to more from Ola Awonubi.

BritniDWrites , USA

Loved it. What I loved most about this story was the fact that Ada was an independent woman who knew her own worth and wasn’t about to settle for less. I’m a sucker for a happy ending which is why I read romance stories, it makes a change from the other fiction clogging up my shelves. Loves Persuasion is a great story and I look forward to reading more from Ola and the other books in the series.

SA, London, UK

Oh, please read this book. It’s excellent. I started last night and finished today, around 3 pm.  Ankara Press ( published about six titles on the 15th December, and I could only afford to buy one, so I chose this on the strength of it being about a couple with a shared love of books. (The woman works in finance and is in Business school as well – YOU KNOW I had to read it. Like, “is this my life or what?”)It is compelling and beautifully written. Also, you get to meet a woman who dares to be in a society that (truly) is against a woman defining herself and being resilient in spite of constant put-downs. I am a big fan of Ada Okafor, and I know many Black women (bonus if you’re African) who will see some thing of themselves in her.Great read.

Yossie P.

Beautiful Story I have to say that everything about this story was beautiful. I loved the way it addressed the patriarchy in society and the strong character Ada had. I especially loved the way the whole story came together after reading the beautiful story between Chidi & Amaka. It took a lot to stop me from crying. Beautifully written!

Faidah, London


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